Saturday, March 11, 2006


Issue one due out end of this week.


At 22/3/06 21:39, Blogger Adrian said...

1:19 PM me: this is what you should be aiming for:
1:23 PM Kenneth: WOW!!
1:25 PM me: yeah. wonder if they got a bet on...
1:27 PM Kenneth: my new handle: Koschitzke better than Riewoldt
1:28 PM me: if you lived here you could put that on a business card. everyone has cards and hands them out will nilly
koz better than riewoldt eh? on what basis?
1:29 PM Kenneth: rounds 13-16, 2005
me: you need to have that in brackets then, just under the handle

At 5/8/06 22:14, Anonymous Mormon Four-Bears said...

Hey, nice site. I like the contributors fun and the dishevelled photo.

Any what of two?

At 7/8/06 01:10, Blogger simon said...

Two due soon, August 2006.


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