Saturday, March 25, 2006


The International Petfood Conspiracy


At 11/4/06 00:03, Blogger Adrian said...

2:50 PM Justin: ah drummer just needs to bang away
what chord changes?
this song is fast
me: all sorts - mostly fairly basic
Justin: this song is faster
me: this song is a slow one
Justin: i meant for the drummer
yeah - he needs tempo
dont worry about key signatures
2:51 PM me: oh well that's true - althought he likes to mix it up a bit by useing different drums and cymbals and so on...
Justin: yes
who is writng the tunes
2:52 PM me: me and the other guitarist. occasionally the dummer will say something like "why don't you try something a bit higher that goes meedlymeedlymeedly" and often that turns out to be a good suggestion


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