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Mark S. Rusovich

Career: ‘I was always very interested in the heavy equipment industry’

Mark S. Rusovich has maintained his passion for the heavy equipment industry, and is (as of 2003) CEO of Titans (or Titan) Freight Systems, a subsidiary of the family business Transoceanic Shipping, started by father Basil, run by brother Gregory, recently acquired by PWC Logisitics.

What turns you on? ‘Animals, tennis [...] political debates and Atari video games’

A Mark Rusovich from Louisiana contributed US$125 towards Ronald Reagan’s election campaign in 1979. His brother Gregory is ‘[a] self-proclaimed political junkie’ who
lives his life by the words of tennis star Jimmy Connors, which are framed in his Kenner office: I hate to lose more than I love to win. I hate to see the happiness on their faces when they beat me.
He also established a young Republicans club at college. Both Transoceanic Shipping and Titan Freight Systems have lucrative contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan to ship massive pieces of infrastructure, such as highways, replacing things destroyed by bombs.

Transoceanic shipping is responsible for bioinvasion, but it’s probably for the best not to use the Internet to find out if Mark S. is still attracted to animals.

The first qualities you look for in a woman? ‘Honesty and faithfulness’

Mark S. has found faithfulness in the hundreds of his employees in Iraq:
“It’s really impressive about the American people. They are ready to hunker down,” he said. “They are not wanting to run.”
Secret Fantasy: ‘To become United States Ambassador to a Central American country’

Gregory Rusovich was appointed honorary consul to Serbia & Montenegro in 2005.

What question you would you like to ask the woman reading this page? ‘Do you judge people strictly on success?’

Gregory Rusovich is married, has kids and
at dusk, strolls alone along the beach each evening with a vodka martini and meditates and strategizes on business proceedings.
Mark S., interviewed for the above-linked puff-piece on his brother, ‘has an office and parking spot at TransOceanic, and does business with his brother.’

Through the quivering prism of junket that is the Internet, Mark S. Rusovich is as blurry as his photo from 1983. It’s possible that much of what he said to the authors of Americas Riche$t Bachelors was actually in reference to his brother. Perhaps he told the truth to some lucky lady. Maybe he married a real fox.

(Text in bold and picture from Don Catalano and Janis Catalano, America’s Riche$t Bachelors, Who They Are – How to Reach Them (New York: Perigree, 1983) .


At 29/8/06 06:17, Blogger Adrian said...

Gold. Is he a character in "Kalashnikov! The Musical!"?

At 30/8/06 03:36, Blogger simon said...

I hope so.


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